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B2C Inside Sales Team at Oncue
venture funded
female founder

What we do.

The B2C Inside Sales team at Oncue is the frontline for Oncue's booking service for movers. We help our customers book jobs and grow their business!

On the team.

Who you will work with the most.
team lead
Director, Inside Sales
Tempe, AZ

I have been managing sales teams for just over 20 years. I enjoy helping sales people meet and exceed their goals.

Ron has been at Oncue for 9 months.
Tracy, CA

I have been in the industry for 4 years now, I love that I am still learning new things after all these years.

Cheli has been at Oncue for almost 2 years.
Inside Sales Representative
Katy, TX

I have over 9 years of inside and outside sales experience. I can truly say working with Oncue has taught me so much and helped me grow to be a true entrepreneur. This job drives you to be great, its very competitive in sales which makes the job life exciting everyday.

Dalyna has been at Oncue for 11 months.
Inside Sales Representative
Tempe, AZ

I've worked in sales, customer services and fraud investigator roles for the last 10 years. I am a mom of 3 (2 boys, 1 girl) and a belgian malinois fur baby.

Dawn has been at Oncue for 8 months.
Senior Sales Representative
East Bay, CA

I've worked in Management for multiple industries for over 15 years, I started out in retail to health and B2B. In my spare time, I coach my Children's soccer teams.

Frank has been at Oncue for almost 2 years.
Inside Sales Representative
Tempe, AZ

I have always enjoyed working with people! I am very dedicated to my work and love my job at Oncue! I'm also a mother of 2 boys and love spending as much time together as possible.

Krystle has been at Oncue for 6 months.
Inside Sales Representative
Tempe, AZ

I have worked as a property manager for the past 10 years, and this is my first sales job. I also have a background in the medical field.

Madelynn has been at Oncue for 6 months.
Inside Sales Representative
Boston, MA

I've worked in sales for over 10 years now, starting out in car sales and moving first to banking, and then phone sales for the past 5 years. In my spare time, I love to read and buy new books, constantly adding to my library.

Matvey has been at Oncue for over 2 years.
Inside Sales Representative
Tempe, AZ

I've worked in new home sales for over 20 years - and am very happy to transition into another real estate field, of professional moving.

Steffanie has been at Oncue for 3 months.

How we work.

The day to day practices of working on the team.

Team Outing

Working on the B2C Inside Sales team at Oncue starts with a passion for sales and a passion for helping people. We are energized about helping small businesses grow and help make moving, one of life's most stressful experiences easier on people.

Within the larger sales team, each of us is part of a sub-team that is assigned a group of movers for the month. We operate with a spirit of competitive-ness and have each other's back.

One of the things you'll notice and love about working at Oncue is how the tools and software we've built help with sales workflows. Our custom CRM helps you with all manner of things such as easy follow-ups and text messaging. This drastically cuts down on busy work.

Every morning Ron (team lead) updates us on sales performance and gives shoutouts to who did well the prior day and week. We go over what we need to do for the day and any mover updates we need to be aware of. Once a week we also meet to cover mover updates and recognize and celebrate the best performers on the team. As a group, we participate in coaching and helping each other get better other as a group and focus on the positive. This meeting lasts at most 20 to 30 minutes.

What it means to work on our team.

Principles and values that the team holds near and dear.
Career Growth

We strongly believe in helping our team members grow their careers at Oncue and therefore recognize, reward and promote talent from within. To give you some real examples, we have promoted several sales associates to prominent roles in the company including Supervisor (Cheli), Onboarding Specialist (Josh), and B2B Sales (Justin). If you are motivated and driven, we will do our best to help you grow.

Team Outing

Work + Play

As a team, we strongly believe in being accountable to each other and having fun! There's a healthy spirit of competition on the team but we also depend on each other to help close bookings.

We expect that everyone on the team is on time and dependable. Our customers trust us with their sales and we take this responsibility seriously. How well we do has a direct impact on their business revenues and their ability to provide for their employees and families.

As hard as we work, we remember to have fun as well! Recently, we flew everyone on the sales team out to Arizona and went to the desert. In the past, the entire company has gone to Breckenridge, CO for a winter getaway!

Team Outing

What Tribe loves about the team and company.
The Team

The thing that stood out for us about the B2C Inside Sales team was the team camaraderie. We noticed a friendly spirit of competition (as is common in the best sales teams) but balanced by a highly collaborative working environment! Everyone truly seemed to be vested in their co-workers' success and were ready to help one another.


We loved Oncue's mission. Every year, more than 25M Americans move and Oncue is on a mission to help the companies that move people grow, run better, and give back more time and control to their owners.

Oncue's gender parity surprised us in the most pleasant way. An equal number of women and men work at the company. If that wasn't sufficient, more than 50% of the leadership team (and the founder as well) is female!

About the team
Team of 12

Offices in Tempe, AZ and Oakland, CA.

WFH Policy
Team Lead
About Oncue

Oncue is a software and booking service platform for moving companies. We provide both a custom CRM as well as sales and booking services to the moving industry.

Our mission is to enable moving companies of all sizes to easily control and manage their entire business.

Founder & CEO
VP, Operations
Director, Inside Sales
Senior Director, Engineering
Founded 2017
11-25 employees
Gender Split: 50% female/50% male
Distributed. Offices in Tempe, AZ and Oakland, CA.
Company Benefits

Vacation Policy: 2 weeks per year
Parental Leave:
Health Insurance:

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