The hiring solution for early stage and growing teams.

Tribe helps early stage founders and hiring managers at small to mid-sized startups find and hire engineering, product, design, and data science talent.


What Tribe does. We help you..

In a nutshell, we help founders and hiring managers find the right person and spend less time doing it.

Attract more, better talent.

It's a myth that candidates don't read job descriptions. They don't read poorly written ones. When done well, it's a powerful draw for talent. Tribe provides a structure for writing effective job descriptions. As former eng and product leaders, we speak your language and craft it for you.

Filter applicants faster.

Most hiring managers would prefer 10 strong candidates over 40 unqualified ones that they have to sift through. We filter, evaluate and surface only promising candidates. We also pay extra special attention to diverse and hidden gem candidates.

Spend less time on hiring "busy work".

The typical ATS platform was built for larger teams and heavier process. We've built a simple yet thoughtful candidate experience that is designed for teams of your size. There's nothing to configure, no bells and whistles to fiddle with.

How hiring with Tribe works.

Powered by insights from hiring hundreds of talented people at early stage startups

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Attract more talent than an ordinary job description.

Typical job descriptions are ineffective at attracting talent. They'll get you applicants, but the quality is all over the place. Don't believe us? As top talent, would you feel like applying to any of this, this, or this? We didn't think so.

Tell a better story

We help you share and articulate the role in a way that is compelling. See our demo job for an example.


Your team and who's leading it are crucial factors in convincing the best talent to want to work with you. Tribe helps you showcase this.

Engage with talent

Applying to a job and waiting for a reply (and possible rejection) is a choice. We bridge the gap and connect you with interesting candidates in a less formal way.

Quickly move forward with those that are promising.

We've experienced how frustrating it can be when 8/10 applicants are a poor fit. Tribe's platform evaluates every candidate against your specific role and helps you separate the signal from the noise, saving you many hours.

Candidate Profiles

We distill their expertise and accomplishments so you don't have to go digging into their resume and LinkedIn to learn what they're good at and what they've done.

Move quickly

We help cut the back and forth and quickly get you setup for a phone call with the candidate.

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Lightweight ATS and recruiting service in one.

The beauty of Tribe is our bundled talent recruiting service which helps with managing your hiring pipeline, scheduling interviews and phone screens for you (saving you dozens of hours!), and making sure you don't miss a beat. An experience built for teams that want something simple that just works and is a better alternative to email back and forth, Google Docs, and Notion pages.

Help with scheduling
Managed candidate flow
Stellar candidate experience

Learn how we can help in your hiring efforts.